Top 5 Female Owned Buisnesses

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Female owned businesses
Top 5 Female Owned Buisnesses


  1. Lalah Delia : Author of Vibrate Higher Daily . Lalah is an author, spiritual writer, and wellness educator who has been a force in the self-care space, encouraging and empowering us all to mindfully care for ourselves with her Vibrate Higher Daily platform.

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2. Jessica L: Founder of Hell Notes for Beauty. When you are in need of guided meditation, the best crystals to use, or are seeking herbal and holistic wellness rituals, then Hell Notes for Beauty is your go to!

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3. Jaimee Ratliff: Founder of Yoga with Jaimee. This Atlanta-based certified yoga teacher is an advocate of the ancient discipline and credits the practice for getting her through life’s challenges.

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4. Veladya Chapman: Founder of Earth Mama Medicine. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Reproductive Health Guide, and Yoni Steaming Specialist, empowering Women worldwide to heal people all over the world.

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5. Milan Rouge : Founder of Milano Di Rouge and Womanaire Club. She is a fashion icon making her dreams reality and also an advocate for embracing women and mama’s worldwide.

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