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time management

As we all know Time is of the Essence. Time is money. Time is limited! Learning to manage time is the greatest hack of them all! You can really see a difference in your daily life and routine as you learn to prioritize your time more effectively. Here are some time management hacks that can aid you in starting to manage your time more effectively! 

  1. Prioritize your activities as you receive them! We know things get thrown into your day unexpectedly, its okay, breath and priortize! Do you need to do the dishes right now or do you need to laundry because it closes at 5pm? Which ever is more of a sense of urgency is the project you need to start with!
  2. Create a night and morning routine Fly Gals and Boys! Before going to bed try to write down what you need to do in the morning somewhere. In the morning take those things and go back to step 1 (PRIOITIZE)
  3. Meditate, do Yoga, or breath do whatever you’re comfortable with! When you can actually count your breaths and reflect does wonders for the thoughts of time. It almost pauses for a moment! Try this and get back to us! 
  4. Use a calendar app or get a good planner! Make sure you have a place to record  your daily activities and set reminders if needed! Reminders are a way of making sure you ‘remember’ to get the task done!
  5. Block out your day! Start by the hour then work by the half hour. It’s hard to get your time management down to the minute unless you have an assistant doing the time for you. If you block out your time by the hour it gives you a more broader image of how your day is going to go by.

Try one of these hacks or all of these to start managing your time more effectively. What are some ways you manage your time? There’s endless ways to do it so explore! 


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