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Tips To Succeed As A Entrepreneur

Posted by: flyantix Posted on: August 15, 2022 Comments: 0

Here are Tips To Help You Succeed As An Entrepreneur: 1. Be preparedYou cannot predict what will happen in business. You have to be ready for anything. If you are not prepared, you will get caught off guard and lose out on opportunities.2. Have a planHaving a plan helps you stay focused and achieve success. You should always know where you want to go and how you are going to get there.3. Stay humbleIt’s easy…

When life gives you lemons, you make strawberry lemonade!

Posted by: flyantix Posted on: June 14, 2021 Comments: 0

You can make anything out of nothing! Think about that twice. Normally when we’re handed something that  isn’t all roses, we tend to give up, or worse, not even try!  Reverse this concept and follow the title!  When life gives you lemons, YOU MAKE STRAWBERRY LEMONDADE. You may not have all the tools you need but you can pretty much create anything out of nothing! Take this theory with you everywhere you go and you…