Productivity Tools

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productivity tools

Here are some productivity tools you can use to best maximize your productivity. Get more things done in the same amount of time. 

01. Calendar App

Organization is key! We suggest using the plain old calendar app on your phone since everything automatically goes on there. Actually blocking out time and dedicating that time block to something productive goes far! Time blocking your day using your calendar app allows you to know exactly how your day might go. Of course things come up but at least its not permanent and you can rearrange your duties. Set a specific day of the week to do your calendar. Any day you think of is perfect, just stick to it!

02. Notes App

Now you can get fancy and get a nice notes app but the plain old notes app on your phone works. The idea is to jot down ideas as you get them. Remembering everything can be tough and face it were human, we forget things as we go throughout our hectic days. The notes app allows you to jot down ideas and better now that you can group these ideas into folders. Try this and see how many things you remember to get done.

03. Reminders

We actually love using Amazon Alexa! She actually helps us get things done around the house. “Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes”, “Alexa remind me to call Nancy.” Theres also a reminders app on your phone that you can use as well. Set reminders throughout your day to get things done. Think of these reminders as little nudges to get you through the day. 


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