Fly Cones

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Made from palm pulp rolling paper, this 6 pack rolled cone creates a slow and beautiful burn. Natural coloring made form edible, tasteless hempseed oil and natural pigments. One box contains 6, 98mm long palm pulp rolling paper cone. Colors available in pink or black.


Time to Roll Up Antix Family! This one goes out to our Fly Smokers who like to roll in style. Want to smoke effortlessly without having to roll yourself? Introducing, your FLY personal roller! Our cones are made with Palm Pulp Paper to product a smooth burn without any harshness. Our Rolling Cones comes with 6 in a pack, and you can choose between our Pink, Black, Light Pink, or Light Blue Rolling Cones.



For that EXTRA kick in your smoking experience, combine some dried tobacco together with your Mary Jane and pack this in your cone. Twist to close and enjoy!


How to use:

  1. Properly crush or grind your Mary Jane with a grinder or your bare hands.
  2. Slowly pack in your Mary Jane into the open side (not the tip), until almost full.
  3. Twist to close the opened side
  4. Grab your favorite lighter, and burn the closed side.
  5. Inhale, and exhale Fly Guys!

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Pink, Black, Light Blue, Light Pink


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