Mindfulness Practice

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A peaceful mind is a strong mind. Here are some mindfulness practices that you can implement in your daily practice. Please note that everyone is different and not every practice can work the same for someone else. It is important to point out something that catches YOUR EYE and follow that.

5 Mindfulness Practices To Try:

  • Meditate when you first wake up for 10 minutes: Now this may sound regular, but according to research, the benefits of meditation are enhanced when your mind is free and clear before the stresses of the day get in your head. Simply wake up, wash your face of course, and head to a place that you can make a peaceful working space in the morning. Let’s say you choose your living room, make sure you have a comfortable seated environment. Sit on the floor with a pillow that you can sit on, or not, up to you! You can choose to do a guided meditation practice or simply with calm light music to set the tone. Do this practice by closing your eyes, breathing in a streamline beat, and unraveling the mind to think peaceful and natural thoughts. Do this for 10 minutes daily- and we promise that you will start to feel better throughout your days to come.
  • Read a book: This also may sound regular, but reading is actually a task that involves absolutely no thought and can help calm our minds better. By reading you are just focusing on the subject of the matter when it comes to the book. You are not thinking of how to solve something, or how to accomplish something by reading along. Keeping the mind calm, and feeding it information is what the brain craves. Reading of course makes you more intelligent and well-rounded. It also can make you more expressive. Do you know someone who is over the top? It’s either because they are very intellectually and are still eager to learn, OR they love acting! Either or – they are considered EXTRA! 🙂 We love our EXTRA Antix!
  • Do Yoga: Yoga may seem like just plain old stretching and having to be flexible. But that’s not the point. Yoga is meant for mind stimulation and to soothe the mind of tension. By using body and mind correlation you are on step ahead and ready to tackle anything ahead. You are being one with self, which is the point of yoga. Try to practice this once a week at least, preferably in the morning to start the day of right.
  • Eat Nutritious Food/Bars: It is a long long tale, that what you eat is what you are. Whatever you consume reflects outwards. So try to eat a more balanced and healthy diet. If you are not that great with keeping up, try purchasing a food bar. Healthy food bars have everything jam packed and not heavy at all.
  • Listen to peaceful music before going to bed: Listening to peaceful music before bed makes the mind go into a more peaceful and relaxed rhythm. If you sleep when the TV is still on, your dreams might be random, but that’s because of the subconscious stuff that we know of. The last thing we hear or the last thing we see is , the last thing we think about, making it proven that peaceful thoughts are better to keep. Try it for yourself! Some people like the sound of Thunder and Rain, it depends on your mood. So try and let us know how this helped!

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