Let Music Orchestrate Your Life

Posted by:flyantix Posted on:September 13, 2020 Comments:0
Music Therapy

We start this off by saying let music orchestrate your life. We do not mean literally at times. By allowing music to intervene and step in at the times it needs to, it touches more than people can teach us.

Take for instance, one of your sadder days all you want to do is listen to sad music. That’s literally not a good idea, but sometimes it helps us if we are learning from the sadness. If your listening to just pity yourself, then boo-you! By letting music step in, it gives us more mental clarity, allowing us to just listen and feel.

How many of you ever listened to good feeling music, and had a productive ass day?! Well there you go! Listening to uplifting music allows you to go through the day as swift as the vibration it sent you. Good vibrations only people!

Start listening to the messages these songs that you gravitate toward are really talking about. I don’t think you really hearing it though! If it hits you, the message is powerful and long lasting. You’ll never forget the feeling ever.

Thanks to all the musicians out there making it happen for us! Without you, honestly we don’t know what would happen with some of these lunatics running around.

Try to practice this type of music therapy. It will definitely assist in creating a more realistic environment for you. Music grounds us and also moves us, never forget! Also speaking of music therapy, if you ever are curious about getting into more depth please reach out to us! : flyantix@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!



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