Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of those things that we typically make during the new year or after an ending and never really follow through all the way with. That’s because sometimes we set unrealistic goals that we can’t even reach at the current moment. Here are some ways that you can set some FLY GOALS. FLY GOALS, explained in a nutshell, is a set of goals that when put into action always gets complete no matter what!

  1. Let’s go back to the drawing board and lets grab a Planner! The first way you can set some FLY GOALS is by getting a planner that resonates with your energy or attracts you the most! Once you see that you connect with that Planner, all the goals that you put into it will continue with that energy! Put in and you always will get what you want!
  2. Set goals that are measurable and attainable at the current moment. FLY GOALS can be set almost every quarter, year, or even after every project! By saying this, when you set goals that you can definitely see you can attain the moment, you are setting yourself up for success! Start with maybe 1 or 2 goals at the moment! The more goals you set, the harder it is to achieve! Remember this!
  3. With each goal , write down the roadmap to how you will get there! Vision boards are a great way to do this, but also you can literally draw a map or plan to get to your end goal. By creating a roadmap, it gives a crystal clear plan of how that goal will be able to be reached! Once you see, you must do! Let’s not write down goals and do nothing about them anymore! Time to put your plan in action!
  4. Ask for help or collaborate! Yes, we know that we are all independent bosses, but sometimes getting another persons viewpoint , it helps you expand your mind more because now its not just YOU. We are all here on this Earth to be there for each other, even when times are tough! Remember this too : A close mouth DOES NOT and WILL NOT get fed! 🙂
  5. Lastly! MOVE ON IT! Continue to build on your goal, continue to add more to your goal list! Fill that planner up with goals for the year, and look back at it when the years up. Trust us! You are going to chuckle and feel relieved that you reached your goals in ONE YEAR.

Step by step , you will make it to the end!


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