Glow-up Recipe

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The ultimate glow-up recipe to get you back to you 100%. Caution: follow these steps to a “T”, if not, then we cannot guarantee you will Glow Up.

Glow Up Recipe:

1. Wash your face two times a day, and make sure you follow a skincare routine. This routine does not have to be complicated AT ALL! Simply, this routine has to have a good cleanser, moisturizer, serum , eye cream, and exfoliator. And you must stick to a routine.

2. Oil your hair and mask your hair regularly. Making sure your hair is getting proper care during this time focuses your attention on yourself. If you do not deep condition like you usually should, then consider deep conditioning. Making something a routine re-focuses the mind.

3. Start to develop a fitness routine. 5 x a week, 35 min full body workout. If you do yoga, then you can simply YouTube “Yoga-Full Body Workout 30min” and you can find a full workout there. If you are good at creating fitness routines then this is the time to stick to it and improve on your skills.

4. Drink Water! (Secret Sauce) : The key is to drink at least 4 bottles per day. It’ll not only leave your body feeling good, but your skin and mind as well! Simple step to improve ourselves.

5. Always eat your breakfast: It is proven that by eating breakfast it increases your energy throughout the day.

6. Spa Day: Once a week! And it doesn’t have to be major either. It can simply be face masks done at home, or drawing a warm bath. The act of self-care allows us to discover ourselves deeper.

7. Read a book. Period sis! Books saves lives. They educate and help us learn more without the hassle of school 🙂

8. Meditate when you wake up. This may seem harm AT FIRST , but once you get used to it you will always do this before you start your day. By meditating when you first wake up, it has your mind on a clear fresh note and allows nothing to disturb its peace. Doing this practice daily increases your reactions to other nuances in the world, and also re calibrates the mind to think deeper and logically.

9. Leave your phone alone for 2 hours of the day. Use this time to maybe read a book…

  • Practice this for about 2-3 months to fully activate the GLOWED UP EFFECT. It takes time to glow up, nothing happens overnight. But with this glow up recipe it will have you feeling better then ever, and then some!

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