Surviving the First 5 Years in Business

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Surviving first 5 years in Business
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1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The first five years of business are critical to your success. You need to know what you’re doing at all times. If you don’t ask questions, you’ll never learn anything.

2. Get A Good Bookkeeper

You have to understand how money works if you want to stay in business. Having a good bookkeeper will help you keep track of everything.

3. Hire People Who Are Better Than You At What You Do

It’s not enough to just hire people who are cheaper than you. You have to find people who are better than you at what they do. That way, you won’t get stuck in a rut.

4. Keep Your Employees Happy

If you treat your employees well, they will work hard for you. And if they feel appreciated, they will give back to you tenfold.

5. Have Fun

When you’re having fun, you’re working harder. So make sure you take time out to enjoy yourself.

6. Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes happen. But you shouldn’t let them stop you from moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

7. Take Care Of Yourself

Take care of your body. Eat right, exercise, and sleep. These things will make you happier and healthier.


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