06. Being Fly: 5 Entrepreneurs You Should Know.

In this new addition to Read Fly, we introduce Being Fly, which is a spotlight for who you should know!    When being an entrepreneur anything and everything goes! There is no right or wrong way of doing anything in entrepreneurship. It’s a task well handled when dedicated. Here are 5 entrepreneurs you should follow … Read more06. Being Fly: 5 Entrepreneurs You Should Know.

05. Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of those things that we typically make during the new year or after an ending and never really follow through all the way with. That’s because sometimes we set unrealistic goals that we can’t even reach at the current moment. Here are some ways that you can set some FLY GOALS. … Read more05. Goal Setting

03. Top 5 Female Owned Buisnesses

HERE ARE THE TOP 5 FEMALE OWNED BUSINESSES YOU NEED TO KNOW: Lalah Delia : Author of Vibrate Higher Daily . Lalah is an author, spiritual writer, and wellness educator who has been a force in the self-care space, encouraging and empowering us all to mindfully care for ourselves with her Vibrate Higher Daily platform. … Read more03. Top 5 Female Owned Buisnesses